4 September 2014

Review: Her Mother's Keeper

<-- This looks like the wrong cover but it's not, I promise.
Reviewer: Kelsey
Author: Nora Roberts
Format: Paperback (2 in 1)
Pages: Heck if I know...
Rating: 4 out of 10

Summary (Kept by Goodreads, edited by me...thanks for nothing): Gwen may have left Louisiana a starry-eyed innocent, but now she's returned successful and accomplished.

And with enough sense to deal with her mother's maddening boarder, Luke Powers. But once Gwen meets Luke, a man reputed to be an expert in both words and women, her composure disappears. Now she has stars in her eyes but isn't so innocent.

You know what? Two of these novels is actually far worse than one of them! If you are confused about what I mean, check out my review for From This Day. See what I mean now? This "novel" was exactly the same as the last. The guy still took what he wanted after knowing right from the beginning that he would and the whole time thinking that the main character is some innocent little flower. Of course, the girl needed the guy. I wanted to vomit. Again, destroying feminism. I just... I just can't with these novels. This was my second try with this author and it will sadly be the last. There is so much potential but I don't think I would survive another guy like this or girl like that.

The only redeeming quality (why it got a 4 not a 3 or lower) was because the guy was an author and was entertaining because of it. I connected with a character in this novel, who knew that was possible! The dialogue and plot was slightly better than that in From This Day.

Anyway, just no. No, thank you. Not again. No good for Kelsey. Bye.

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