26 November 2011


Reviewer: Kelsey
Author: Judy Christie
Pages: 288
Format: eBook
Rating: 9 out of 10

Summary (from GoodReads): What do you do when you’re too young to be on your own but have no one to turn to? Sixteen-year-old Wreath Willis makes a list: Find a place to live. Buy cheap food. Finish high school. Get a job. Go to college. Now she’s finishing high school by day and squatting in a junkyard by night, flying below the authorities’ radar while she makes a few awkward friends and searches for an illusory “good life.” But when a teacher grows too suspicious, Wreath is afraid she’ll have to move on before she graduates. Could it be this was a good life?

My Take: This book started out fast. Right away we are thrown into her world, a world that I can honestly say I wouldn't want to be a part of. The beginning helps us to be able to understand why she does things later in the novel. Sadly, it started slowing down after she got a bit settled in. No worries though because it picks up again in a big bad way. This book made me laugh, made me cry...almost, and also made me angry when things weren't quiet going her way. Basically, I cared about Wreath so much. Really, by the end, I cared a lot about all of the characters but Wreath had many, many endearing qualities that made her special like a main character should be. I could also see a lot of myself in her and I kept wondering how I would deal with certain things that she had to deal with. She is so much stronger than I am, that's for sure.

I was happy with the length of this novel. It wasn't so short that I couldn't get into it or that there wasn't really a story. It also wasn't so long that I lost interest or felt like it was being dragged out too much. It was just enough time for me. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of books that take me months to read. I like to get my story, enjoy it and be done with it. This book was the perfect package of that. I would definitely read this again.

Final Thoughts: I would reccomend this book to anyone. It has a little bit of everything from sad moments to great laughs and even a bit of action. Who doesn't like a strong main character? You should really check this novel out! It's an enjoyable and rather quick read. I loved this story!

22 November 2011


Reviewer: Kelsey
Author: Cornelia Funke
Pages: 548
Format: Paperback
My rating: 7 out of 10

Summary (from GoodReads): Twelve-year-old Meggie learns that her father, who repairs and binds books for a living, can "read" fictional characters to life when one of those characters abducts them and tries to force him into service.

Characters from books literally leap off the page in this engrossing fantasy. Meggie has had her father to herself since her mother went away when she was young. Mo taught her to read when she was five, and the two share a mutual love of books. He can "read" characters out of books. When she was three, he read aloud from a book called Inkheart and released characters into the real world. At the same time, Meggie's mother disappeared into the story. This "story within a story" will delight not just fantasy fans, but all readers who like an exciting plot with larger-than-life characters.

My Take: I really liked this book. I felt as though I was a little old for it however. The concept and storyline were interesting and had enough twists to keep me interested. It also had enough background story on each of the characters so that I never felt lost or confused as to why a character was acting a certain way or making a certain choice. I don't like being lost and this book made sure that I never was.

As I said, I think the concept of this story was interesting. I would have never come up with something like this one my own. It's very creative. I loved it. I used to think that it would be really nice to get to live in some of my favourite stories but now I just want to make sure that my stories stay on their page and that's it.

Also, the characters are really something. I suppose that for this story, they need to be interesting and different. Each was described to that I got a perfect picture in my head. My favourite character, even though he makes many bad choices, is Dustfinger. I don't know why I like him so much, maybe it's the mystery behind him that I'm drawn to. There was one small character flaw that I found: I picture Meggie as much, much older. I think it makes more sense that way so while I read I just ignored her stated age and picked my own for her...shhhh!

I was very dissappointed with the ending. I won't spoil anything but I do want to say that I felt that it was unfinished. I felt like something was missing and it was all left undone. I think that the novel could have kept going for a little bit longer but even as I say that, I don't know if I would have been able to hold on much longer. The novel was already a very long book. I am aware that there are two other books that follow this one but I haven't had the time to read them just yet. Maybe I'll get around to them sometime soon.

My final thoughts: I would recommend this novel to children between the ages of 10 and fourteen or fifteen. They'll love the fairy tale of it. I know I did but then again I'm really just a big child at heart. These children that I recommend this book too need to be able to stick with it all the way to the end though! I hate not finishing books.

P.S.: This novel has a movie, like many other novels do. I really liked the ending in the movie. I liked it a lot more actually so if you read this and don't feel satisfied yet, check it out!

The Haunting of Cliff House

Haunting at Cliff HouseReviewer: Kristen
Author: Karleen Bradford
Pages: 77 .pdf pages
Format: eBook
My Rating: 8 out of 10

Summary (From Goodreads): From the moment she sets foot in the forbidding house high on the cliff, Alison senses a mysterious presence in one of its rooms. There she discovers an ancient diary belonging to a girl who lived in the same house, centuries before. What does this girl want...and why is she so sure only Alison can help her?

My Take: Being a little skeptical about this book because of the paranormal feel of it, I was a little worried I wouldn't like this book. I am happy to announce how wrong I was! I absolutely loved this book, and once I started reading, I was hard-pressed to put it down. This book is the perfect choice for any reader who is a fan of paranormal stories. The characters in this book are characters a reader can completely relate too. Karleen's writing style is easy to follow, and gives you the perfect amount of detail. She doesn't drown us in the little things, but gives enough so we get the picture that she was trying to create. Despite the short length of this novel, it is extremely easy for the reader to lose him or herself in it. The plot is paced perfectly, and fills out the otherwise short novel. I would recommend this as a must read for anyone thirteen plus, and who doesn't mind a little bit of a scare! 

Final Thoughts: I wish that I would have known about this book when I was younger. It was a great read, but I think I would have been more appreciative of it if I was 13 or 14. Nonetheless, I still recommend this to any reader interested in the life after death type of novels. This novel is being re-released, so don't miss out! 

21 November 2011


Reviewer: Kristen
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Pages: 208
Format: Paperback
My Rating: 7 out of 10

Summary (From Goodreads): When Melinda Sordino's friends discover she called the police to quiet a party, they ostracize her, turning her into an outcast -- even among kids she barely knows. But even worse than the harsh conformity of high-school cliques is a secret that you have to hide.

My take: I've heard rave reviews and I have heard horrible reviews about this book. Personally, if it had not been for a school assignment, I probably wouldn't have picked it up. I'm glad, however, that I did. This book is written in simple language, and is easy to follow and understand. This novel follows the story of Melinda - a young teenage girl entering her first year of high school. The story is told through first person, so we are subjected to all of Melinda's thoughts - which are your typical teenage "outcasts" thoughts. A lot of the times I got very frustrated with Melinda's one track mind. However, I think Laurie Halse Anderson presents us with a realistic look into ones mind. Melinda goes through ridicule every teenager dreads and she doesn't know how to cope. She just goes through the motions of school, finding no special 'sanctuary' there or at home. Melinda feels completely unwanted. The ending of the book is brilliantly constructed - my only complaint being that it ended so suddenly. Over all, I enjoyed this read - it was fast and simple. Thought provoking, but an easy start to finish novel. 

Final Thoughts: If you're ever bored, and looking for a decent read this is your 'go to' book. It's short and sweet, the point comes across. I absolutely loved and hated the ending at the exact same time. Melinda's character embodies most teenagers, and it's a great read! 
P.S. I may have been a wee bit biased because this was a school assignment. Albeit, one of the better ones!

Also - sorry for my little hiatus! I promise, I will get back into the swing of things soon! Expect more reviews this week!

3 November 2011

Lady Chatterley's Lover

So I just finished reading this book. I won't do a review for it but instead I just want to throw up a quick mention. I found that this book had a very interesting way of looking at not only life and love but also marriage and affairs in general (not so much the end but it was a novel for fun after all!). It had a very interesting way to look at it and I really enjoyed it. I would "movie" rate the book a little higher than PG13 though so watch out. ☺
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