⋅Review Policy⋅

We will HAPPILY review anything! Just suggest it! I will also happily post a review to Goodreads (where we have 1000+ "friends") or Amazon. If you'd like it posted elsewhere, just let me know in the email! 

10 Stars - Possibly the greatest book I have ever read. Get to the bookstore, amazon, wherever and read this immediately!
9 Stars - Again, a great book. This is one of those high ups that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Definitely a new favourite. 
8 Stars - A really, really good book. I would still recommend this to my friends. Has a great potential for a favourite, but it's missing a certain something. 
7 Stars - A good read. Definitely has potential for being read again. May recommend it to a few friends. It's missing something though, or I didn't like how something happened. 
6 Stars - A solid read, probably wouldn't read it again. Might not recommend this to as many people. It's missing something, or I couldn't relate to anything happening in the story. 
5 Stars - An okay read, it had some elements that I really enjoyed. There was something lacking. 
4 Stars - Not my cup of tea, more than just one thing was lacking from the plot or character development. 
3 Stars - Really did not like this book. The plot did not interest me. Would not recommend. 
2 Stars - Basically hated this book. Took a lot for me to find the motivation to finish this book. So many things lacking that there isn't even a point to reading it. 
1 Star - Couldn't even finish this novel. Would not recommend. 

** Now for the not so fun stuff - we reserve the right to not review a book should we not like it or not finish it. I don't foresee this happening, seeing as we have 2 reviewers with vastly different tastes, but I just wanted to make sure it was out there. Should we not like an author/publisher requested book, we will email said person, and ask if they would still like the review to go up. 
** okay enough of this, happy reading! 
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