27 August 2014

Review: From This Day

Reviewer: Kelsey
Author: Nora Roberts
Format: Paperback
Pages: 216 (Are you sure Goodreads? It felt more like a novella.)
Rating: 3 out of 10**

Summary (From This Goodreads page): Like the lovely Vermont inn she managed, B. J. Clark was charming and old-fashioned. And she had no intention of allowing the new owner, hotel tycoon Taylor Reynolds, to modernize her beloved inn and destroy its uniqueness. Taylor lived a fast-paced, high-tech sophisticated life. But his fascination with this innocent enchantress made him long to live in B. J.'s arms from this day until forever.

What I think: Let me start off my saying that I don't have a problem with romance novels in general. This novel, though, really gets me going. The feminist in me wants to hit the author over the head with her own book. Here's why:

Did the main character have to be confused with a child at first? How many times do you want to talk about how innocent she looks? That's gross. Like for real. The guy is attracted to basically a teenager at the beginning, is that it? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

What else? You want more? How about the fact that he constantly get angry at her (later explained away)? How about the fact that he says he'll win her in the end? This sounds like a certain Robin Thicke song that got a lot of flack and, you know what, still ew! 

See, the end was the worst part. Of course it was! How could it not be when the guy knew what he wanted and got it? Even while reading this novel I was taking note of all the ew factors. Ask Kristen. I was complaining the whole time about how inappropriate it was. It really upset me (see the last five "ew's").

Basically: Ew...I don't know what to say except that women's rights may have been set back because of this novel. I would have rather he swooped in to save the damsel in distress while she wore a mini-skirt and five inch heels...No, maybe not. 

The novel was an easy enough read. I got a two in one book. My aunt gave it to me hand-me-down. I would not have spent money on it otherwise. Such a disappointment.

This is also the most harsh review I've ever written. I thought I got over this while on vacation but I guess I didn't. All that pent up anger is coming out now...

How about the author takes the books, rearranges some things, changes the characters a little bit, but keeps the plot and gives it back.

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