17 May 2013

Seriously...I'm Kidding

Reviewer: Kelsey
Author: Ellen Degeneres
Format: Paperback
Pages: 241
Rating: 7 out of 10

Summary (Thanks Goodreads): "Sometimes the greatest things are the most embarrassing." Ellen Degeneres' winning, upbeat candor has made her show one of the most popular, resilient and honored daytime shows on the air. (To date, it has won no fewer than 31 Emmys.) Seriously... I'm Kidding, Degeneres' first book in eight years, brings us up to date about the life of a kindhearted woman who bowed out of American Idol because she didn't want to be mean. Lively; hilarious; often sweetly poignant.

What I Think: Let's get right to it. The first few chapters were the best. They made me laugh the most and I had to keep telling my mom what I was reading. I felt that she had to laugh with me. Mostly,  she just judged me for talking to her while reading but she had read it before me so I know that she enjoyed it too. I thought that as the book went on, I lost interest in it. I wasn't really that it wasn't funny, I was sick while reading it and it lost my attention. It really wasn't my sort of book. I think that in the future I'll just stick to her television show. If you are a real fan though, I think that you would enjoy this book a lot. I have to say that it wasn't what I expected. I thought that it would be more about her life but I think I assumed it was more of an auto-biography but it wasn't. It was more of a goofing around book. It wasn't even really a story. It was definitely just meant for a few good laughs. That's what it gives you so I guess it worked out in the end.

To Wrap Up: If you enjoy watching her television show than you should look into this book for sure. I liked it but think it's a one time read for me, you may think differently! 

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