3 May 2013

The Ant and the Elephant: Leadership for the Self: A Parable and 5-Step Action Plan to Transform Workplace Performance

May I just say that that title is the longest title ever!

Reviewer: Kelsey
Author: Vince Poscente
Format: Paperback
Pages: 115
Rating: 8 out of 10 for learning, 6 out of 10 for fun

Summary (Thanks Goodreads): A renowned speaker, business consultant, record-setting speed skier and Olympian, Vince Poscente believes in the enormous potential of the unconscious mind. Poscente likens the dynamic between the conscious and subconscious minds to an ant and an elephant: "Our minds are separated into two distinct functions the conscious and subconscious elements. Our ant is the intentional part of the brain, but our elephant is the instinctual, impulsive part of the brain that houses emotions and memories and even guides the body to perform vital functions. While we tend to know our conscious minds our ants rather well, we often overlook the power of our elephantine subconscious minds. When we do, unfortunately, we squander a wellspring of human potential." Having seen too many books focused on what a problem or solution is and too few focused on how to solve the problem, Poscente, with his trademark wit, wisdom and steely resolve, created The Ant and the Elephant Leadership for the Self: A Parable and Five-Step Action Plan to Transform Workplace Performance.

My Thoughts:  I thoughts that this story was pretty good. The idea behind it was great and the parable was cute. I felt that sometimes the author left the parable pretext behind in favour of teaching the lessons but, I guess that since it is a self-help kind of a books, this should be expected. I liked that the author gave useful tips for changing as a person and that he didn't gloss over how hard it would be to change. The ant had a very hard time changing just like any normal person would. The owl really tells him what's what. 

So: I would recommend this book to people who have a hard time reaching their goals or to people who want to do better in life. Anyone who wants to change a bad habit could also benefit. This book has some very practical tips all in the form of a cute story about a melodramatic ant. Did I mention that the foot notes are hilarious? 

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