25 November 2013

The Epic, Extravagant, (Evil), and Elastic Examination Day 07

Most underrated book

I think that maybe for me the most underrated book I've read is Wither by Lauren DeStefano. Before I read it, I was told by a friend that it sucked but it actually sucked me in (dirty!) instead. I waited a long time before I finally broke down and read it. I ended up with the whole series even going as far as to buy them while on vacation. I'm not saying it is the best book I ever read or my favourite series but it did stand out to me. It got me hooked on Lauren DeStefano. I really enjoyed this novel even though it apparently "sucked". I guess I missed the sucking part.

~ Kelsey

Easy peasy lemon squeezey. A fellow blogger/author had sent me a book a while ago that I'm absolutely obsessed with. Persistence of Vision by Liesel K Hill.

It was amazing. I can't say enough good things about it.

- Kristen

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