3 November 2014

Review: The Education of Hailey Kendrick

Reviewer: Kelsey
Author: Eileen Cook
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Rating: 8 out of 10

Summary (Goodreads educated me): Hailey Kendrick always does exactly what's expected of her. She has the right friends, dates the perfect boy, gets good grades, and follows all the rules. But one night, Hailey risks everything by breaking a very big rule in a very public way...and with a very unexpected partner in crime. Hailey gets caught, but her accomplice does not, and Hailey takes the fall for both of them. 

Suddenly, Hailey's perfect life--and her reputation--are blowing up in her face. Her friends are all avoiding her. Her teachers don't trust her. Her boyfriend won't even speak to her for long enough to tell her that she's been dumped.

They say honesty is the best policy--but some secrets are worth keeping, no matter the cost. Or are they?

My Thoughts on this beautiful novel: I don't think I've ever related to a novel like I related to this one. Okay so there was a lot different about her life: the dead mom, the boarding school, the being rich, the hot men in her life... ... ... I'm sorry, I was daydreaming, got distracted. What was I saying? Oh, right. Her life was do very different from mine. Yet, at the same time, it wasn't. There are so many things I would never dare try. I'm not a rule breaker. I am more afraid of the world than anything else. Honestly, it's true. Feel free to e-mail me if you ever wanna chat because I really am more afraid of you than you are of me. I could also understand why she eventually snapped. Who wouldn't snap with all that pressure she was putting on herself?

Since I saw so much of myself in Hailey, I feel in love with her. Okay, not in that way, I reserved that for the multiple nice guys in the novel. Unlike Hailey, boys have never been a problem in my life. Anyway, she didn't bother me. I can't think of anything about her that I didn't like (although, there must have been something).

I thought that her punishment was hilarious. It added a lot of comedy to the story. I loved that about it.

Her friends kind of made me man. Suddenly, they weren't there for her like I think they should've been. Would it have killed them to take a minute to listen to her side of the story? Probably not.

This novel was both easy and fast. It was also enjoyable. I caught myself laughing at a few parts. I also felt unbelievable anger during other parts. I've been avoiding high school stories lately but I'm glad I picked this novel up. It made me happy and was totally worth the time and money I spent on it. I'll just ignore that she was so much younger than me...

So, basically, I enjoyed this novel a lot. It was the first novel by Eileen Cook I'd ever read and I don't think that it will be the last. Can anyone recommend me some more good ones by her?

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