5 May 2014

The End of the Epic, Extravagant, (Evil), and Elastic Examination Day 30

Your favorite book of all time

This one it too easy for Kristen. It's not fair. I really liked all of Sarah Dessen's novels. I really liked Partials by Dan Wells also but the third was kind of a let down. I don't know. I like a lot of books while I'm reading them and they are sometimes all I think about but eventually I move on. I bet I would feel differently if I could get all my favourite books made into movies that I could enjoy in two hours over and over again. It helps to see what others thought about it. Basically, they need to keep making movies out of books but do it right.

~ Kelsey

Mwhahahahahaha, I wonder how many of my answers are The Hunger Games. 

- Kristen 

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