25 February 2013

Age of the Aura

Champions of Power (Age of the Aura, #1)Reviewer: Kelsey 
Author: Samuel Odunsi Jr
Pages: 160
Format: eBook
My Rating: 6 out of 10 (not my cup of tea, see below)

Summary (thanks Goodreads): There was no other name for the Blessed Galaxy. After being gifted with the Auras, five great powerhouses of celestial creation, the title was a suitable fit. While harnessing such energies, the governing bodies have ruled their respected reaches of the Galaxy for a number of millennia, but now they face the threat of an inevitable calamity that could shake the lives of everyone, caused by one of the five Auras.

After accepting a sudden promotion, a devout man of science, named Lowen Sars, decides to take on the burden of saving the Galaxy’s people after he learns of the calamity, but soon realizes that the role of a hero was a calling not meant for him. In his process of self-discovery, Lowen inadvertently begins the fateful saga of not only the Blessed Galaxy but also the kingdom in possession of the corrupt Aura, and especially its two young heirs of the throne.

Age of the Aura, Phase I: Champions of Power is the first book in a science fiction series that has yet to be seen elsewhere and it will certainly be one for the ages.

-------------------- This book was sent us by the author for a honest review --------------------
My Thoughts: Let's start with the style stuff. This book uses a lot of big words, a lot. At times, I found it hard to follow because of the words but after a while you get used to it. You also get to learn something because of it. There was also a small issue with contractions. There were no contractions used in this book. I felt like maybe that took away from the work because it's distracting. Lack of contractions makes the work feel like a piece of Academic writing. I think that it would have been best if the author made the "barbaric" people use contractions or something like that. Even Shakespeare had the less educated people speak differently. I think that, in the future, we will be using more contractions, not less. Finally, there was a single picture in the book. The words should have been able to describe the image without the picture being necessary. 

Now, on to the story. I was sad to find that I didn't care about Lowen or his grandfather when things were happening to them. Had I cared, I might have been more into the action. I cared more about the other two brothers than Lowen. That left me confused about what I was suppose to care about.

There was some witty banter that made me chuckle. It was greatly appreciated. 

Finally, I thought that the end came suddenly. I'm sorry to go all English class on you but there was no 'falling action' after the climax. It really forces the reader to read the second in this series. You have no idea where the story is going by the end. One side gets their way but there is no wrap up so if you want to know how it ends, plan on reading the rest of it.

This book really speaks to the geek in me. I grew up watching Star Trek and the like so I could follow along and fill in whatever I felt was left out. It was a good thing that I had this background or I might not have been able to appreciate this story at all. I do, however, believe that this book would be better suited for a male audience with a strong interest in science fiction that won't miss having a romance element.

Final Thoughts: Though I learned some big words, this was a pretty easy read. I would recommend this book to mostly guys. I made it through it but it wasn't exactly my forte but I believe guys might get more out of it. If you like science fiction though, you might like it too.

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