2 February 2015

Review: Darkness (Florence Waverley #3)

Reviewer: Kelsey
Author: Ciye Cho
Format: ebook, ARC (honest review requested)
Pages: 309
Rating: 7 out of 10

**Spoiler warning: Part of a series. Read the review for Florence here and Luminaire here**

Summary (Thanks Goodreads): A dire prophecy has emerged, and the mer believe that humans and merfolk are in grave danger. Terror is closing in, but only one person holds the key to stopping it: Florence Waverley. However, her mission to save two worlds will lead her far, far out into the Darkness--a shadow-realm full of monsters, magic, and wicked tides that could tear apart bodies. 

With the help of her friends, Florry must uncover a secret about humans and mer. A long-lost secret that could change her life. And above all else, she must fight hard to light the darkness. Everything depends on her mission: her friends, her world, and the one she loves. 

The past, present, and future are about to collide--but can she stay afloat? One way or another, nothing will be the same when she enters the Darkness...

My Thoughts: So I should start by saying that I really had to reread the rest of the series before I started this novel. It wasn't because the series wasn't good; it had just been so long since reading them that I felt it necessary. If you read the first two when they came out, I'd recommend that you too reread the series so you know whats going on. You don't really have to reread it to follow along though. This novel also had a super hand glossary in the back of the book. 

So, my favourite thing about this novel and this series as a whole is the imagery used. The world sounds to amazing. It's so vivid and bright and colourful. It sounds simply amazing. I can picture it so easily. I'd read another five books in this series just for the world alone.

There is some death in this novel but I think it was needed. I can't stand novels where there is a war but nobody dies. How realistic is that? You should be sad when characters die and characters you like and become attached to should die because it happens in the real world. Authors should not be afraid to kill the characters that they like, that they know the readers will like. The reader just needs to learn to deal with it. It's necessary and it's exciting and it makes the novel more real. Pain can be good, I suppose.

As I began to read this novel (as I looked back on the last two novels from this series), I found that I had been missing the characters. Sometimes they were stupid...most of the beginning of the novel I badly wanted to punch a prince in the face but it's not too far from how the rest of the series went. I forgot how powerful Florence was. I forgot how strong and how brave she was. She is a fighter, even if she doesn't think that all the time. She doesn't realize just how strong fighting for her friends makes her be. I guess, in general, people will do things for their friends that they might not do for themselves. I should admit to you all that I did that funny thing where I ignore the age of the character and mentally make them my own age. It's fine...I don't have a problem...

This novel has less of a plot twist than the past novels in this series. It didn't seem to be as fast paced either. That was fine. This novel was a lot shorter than the other two and that made a big difference in my mind because you didn't need as much to keep the story going. I think that a lot of this novel was leading into a next one. I'd read it. Still, this was the only thing that I really wasn't 100% happy with. I wanted maybe just a little bit more. This may have been because the last two seemed so much longer. It honestly wasn't that big of a deal.

Basically: If you liked the last books in this series, mermaids, the sea, water, colours, or basically anything, you should read this book. Read the whole series. 

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