30 December 2014


Hey, everyone, listen up!
Kristen and Kelsey have a twitter.
Wow, it's weird to talk about yourself in the third person. I don't like it. It shouldn't be done. Stop.

Anyway, we have twitter. So, if you love reading our most strange reviews than maybe you will enjoy listening to our ramblings all the time. Perhaps you would like more frequent updates about our reviews, what book problems we are having, what books we are looking forward to, what weird jokes we have going on between us, or just about our lives in general. Twitter is the best way to get all of that and more.

Follow us!
Kelsey: https://twitter.com/ocakelsey
Kristen: https://twitter.com/ocakristen

Look how easy that is!


- Kelsey
...and Kristen, I guess.

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