14 February 2012

"Top Ten" Love Stories of All Time

I think that this is mandatory today so here goes...

1. Wuthering Heights: A total eclipse of the heart.
2. Anna Karenina: Love can be a train wreck.
3. Romeo and Juliet: Wherefore art thou, Romeo?
4. Casablanca: Play it again, Sam.
5. Midsummer Night's Dream: Dream a little dream.
6. Doctor Zhivago: Boy meets girl meets girl.
7. Sense and Sensibility: Sisters and soul mates.
8. Dangerous Liaisons: Les Liaisons dangereuses is a novel composed of letters.
9. Pride and Prejudice: A literary game of cat and mouse, widely known as Jane Austen’s most famous novel.
10. Hunchback of Notre Dame: Oh Quasimodo!

Proud to say that I've read most of these!
Have a good Valentine's day

Love, Kelsey ♥

1 comment:

  1. I need to read "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."


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