7 February 2012

Getting Rid of Bradley

Reviewer: Kelsey
Author: Jennifer Crusie
Pages: 264
Format: Paperback
Rating: 9 out of 10

Summary (Via GoodReads): Lucy Savage is finally getting rid of Bradley--and his hideous green recliner. Bradley is out of her life for good. Or so she thinks. Turns out Officer Zach Warren wants to arrest the very same Bradley for embezzlement and figures the lovely Lucy can lead him straight to his target.

Good thing there's a copy around. Because someone shoots at Lucy and then blows up her car. Zach insists she needs twenty-four-hour protection. What does he think her three dogs and attack cat are for? Still, he insists on moving right in to Lucy's house.

Now there's danger lurking outside and in her own kitchen, bathroom--and bedroom. Or maybe Zach is just what Lucy needs...

My Thoughts: I loved this novel. I loved the character of Lucy. She's so cute and so innocent...well, okay, not for long. Even though the stereotype is over done I really liked the fact that Zach was protective, even a bit over-protective. That's how he should be. It just seemed to make sense that he would act the way he did with him being a police officer.

Also, there was a great plot twist at the end. Sure, I saw it coming but to me, that really didn't matter because it made sense and only added to the story. I loved that there was a lot of foreshadowing but that they didn't make it so over-done that when it happened it was still interesting. I loved the action that was added. Plus, I'm a sucker for a little romance.

Final Thoughts: This novel has good character development and each one is different in their own way. The plot is never boring and something is always happening. I've read this book multiple times and think you should read it though I will need to put a 18A rating on it. That's just a heads up! Enjoy!

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