26 October 2014

Review: Monster High: Hopes and Screams

So, I asked my cousin to review a book for me while we were on vacation, just for fun. I'm not sure how much you'll learn as the insights from a nine year old come off a little vague but here it is nonetheless. Enjoy the change of pace and Halloweenish theme.
-- Kelsey

Reviewer: A sometimes cute nine year old who shall remain anonymous
Author: Heather Nuhfer, Josh Howard (illustrations)
Format: Paperback, Graphic novel
Pages: 112
Rating: 7 out of 10 (I think that's what she said...)

Summary (Screams Goodreads): Brand-new stories about all your favorite Monster High characters come to life in this gorgeous full-color graphic novel.

...Yeah that was informative.
Her Thoughts (edited): "My favourite thing about the book is when Robecca and the team had a bake sale to raise money for ... [spoiler]. My favourite character is Operetta. I like how she helps the team, and she is really pretty. I think the author, Heather Nuhfer, did a good job with the book. [It was a really good] idea to put six stories into one book. [I think it was really cool that it was] a graphic novel. The behind the screams (scenes) was a really good idea too. The author described the book really well because she told the reader [all the important details] like why they needed something really badly or why they became mad at each other during certain parts of the story. [She also always made it clear] why someone was in a hurry. 

The story really caught my interest because I love Monster High and the author did a good job [writing the story]. I didn't have a least favourite part at all. The book was all good. I think kids that like or love Monster High would like this novel too. If you don't like Monster High than this isn't the novel for you."

I guess: This would be a good novel for younger girls to read. I know that my cousin has seen all the movies or episodes or...whatever. She has about three or four of these novels and really enjoys them. When I asked her to review she wasn't certain what book to do. I said, your favourite or something you are excited to read. She picked this novel and I think that counts for something.

Enjoy your Halloween week!

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