25 February 2014

Review: Pure (Covenant, #2)

Reviewer: Kristen
Author: Jennifer L Armentrout
Pages: 329
Format: Paperback
My Rating: 8 out of 10


Summary (thanks, GR): Alex lives--and loves--recklessly, until a single decision leads to a heartbreaking revelation. As a mysterious threat closes in and she confronts a Council that wants to see her in servitude, Alex face a choice between love that is fated... and love that is forbidden.

My Thoughts: This one is going to be even shorter than the last one, because the second book always bleeds into the third and I don't want to say anything too spoileresque.

I liked this book too. I finished it in a day, and I couldn't stop thinking about everything that was happening. And hot damn, a lot of things happen in this novel. At some point, we're introduced to Seth, the strongest half-blood there is, someone even the pures fear. Seth is, in my opinion, much more realistic than Aiden, and I know that at this point liking Seth more is only going to end in some serious heart break. We end up learning that Alex and Seth have some weird voodoo magic god power that ties them together (where I see similarities to JLA's other series Lux). Their bond becomes stronger whenever they're together. When Alex awakens, their bond will make Seth a god-killer. So, with this knowledge we go forth in trying to decide whose good, whose evil, whose using them and who we can trust. It's a bumpy ride.

This book is even more adventure-packed than the first one. The characters develop extremely well. I'm so excited by this series, and you should be too!

Final Thoughts: Checcck it out, home skillets!

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