6 February 2016

The Look Book by Simon & Schuster

From the Simon & Schuster CA websiteComplete with new beginnings and the promise of satisfying endings, The Look Book sampler offers the best in fiction from across the Simon & Schuster Canada Spring 2016 list. This array of debut authors and perennial favourites will allow you to step back in time with our historical fiction, time travel with our fantasy writers, fall in love with our inspirational romance, marvel at our literary stylists, and be enthralled by our dark thrillers. 
With chapter excerpts from the following Spring 2016 new releases:
Dark Territory, by Susan Philpott
He Will Be My Ruin, by K.A. Tucker 
Owl and the City of Angels, by Kristi Charish 
Black Apple, by Joan Crate 
Still Mine, by Amy Stuart 
Glory Over Everything, by Kathleen Grissom 
The Rivals of Versailles, by Sally Christie 
Kay’s Lucky Coin Variety, by Ann Y.K. Choi 
Nightfall, by Richard B. Wright 
Mannheim Rex, by Rob Pobi 
Umbrella Man, by Peggy Blair

This comes as a free to download e-book, and I think it's a fantastic idea! It's a great way to learn about books you may not have heard of otherwise, and it's basically a catalogue for books. Who else remembers the grade school days? You guys should definitely check this out, S&S have a bunch of great releases this year! 

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