28 August 2015

Follow Friday

Share a random quote from the book you are currently reading.

I am currently re-reading Heir of Fire in preparation for Queen of Shadows, so I will try to keep my quote un-spoilery. 
"He expected her to bolt like a hare. And she wanted to. Gods, this place, that damned barrow only a hundred yards away, made her want to run and run and not stop until she found a place where the sun shone day and night." - Heir of Fire, Sarah J Maas 
So that's my quote of the day, what are all you reading?
- Kristen


Like Kristen, I am also reading Heir Of Fire in high anticipation for Queen of Shadows! Gotta refresh my memories with all my baes (Dorian, Celaena, Rowan, Aedion, you know), so I will also keep my quote non-spoilery. Short and simple.
"See what you want, Aelin, and seize it. Don't ask for it; don't wish for it. Take it"
Simple, yes. Boring, perhaps. But very relevant.
- Kayla


I am not rereading Heir of Fire, although I should be. You might be happy to not have three quotes from the same novel but that luck will run out when you find out that I am currently reading Huckleberry Finn. It's not exactly exciting or current and I'm already adding this late so you are just getting the next line no matter how boring it is.

     "No you won't, you'll start now; and don't you lose any time about it, neither, nor do any gambling   
      along the way. Just keep a tight tongue in your head and move right along, and then you won't get
      in any trouble with us, d'ye hear?"
                - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

I wish I was reading something that wasn't for school...
- Kelsey


  1. Great quote!
    I really need to read this series!

    Thank you for the follow and I've followed you back through GFC

  2. Oh, those are such awesome quotes! I can't wait for Queen of Shadows, I got an email about my copy :) Old GFC follower! Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!

  3. Hello Kristen! Thank you for following me! I followed you back via GFC. I have the first two Throne of Glass books, but I haven't started them. I wanted to get farther down in my TBR pile first. But I think these books will have to get bumped up to the top of the list so I can get aboard the Sarah J. Mass fan train! have a great weekend!

  4. Your quotes are great, and really make me want to get to this series! Well, I'm reading "A Court of Thorns and Roses" now, so I already know just how AWESOME Sarah J. Maas is! Now I'll be sure to put all of the books in the "Throne of Glass" series on my Goodreads TBR shelves!!

    Thanks so much for following my blog, and commenting on my FF post!! I'm now following back with GFC and Bloglovin'!! : )

    1. oh, you better put that on your TBR! i will push my all time favourite books on everyone i meet until i am blue in the face! also ACOTAR is just as amazing and I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! Can't wait to hear about your thoughts on it :)

      - Kayla

  5. I love the quotes you picked! *nods enthusiastically* Sarah J. Maas is the master of storytelling!

    New follower!
    Betsy @ I Sold My Soul For Books

  6. Love the Heir of Fire Quotes, epicness! :D Followed via bloglovin, thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. This series has been on my TBR for a long time.. Need to read it really really soon :)

    Thanks for dropping my blog.. Followed you back in GFC and Bloglovin <3
    Donita @ My Random Book thoughts

  8. Lovely quotes from equally lovely books! :)
    New GFC follower and old Bloglovin follower

    My FF

    -Njkinny @Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff

  9. Heir of Fire is amazing!

    Carrie @The Book Goddess

  10. started throne of glass but keep getting distracted by other books and I've not even picked up huckleberry fin (shame on me)
    New Bloglovin and GFC follower
    You can see my FF post and quote on My Blog

  11. I haven't read Heir of Fire, but I will very soon. :) Followed you via GFC

  12. Yup! Anything by Sarah J. Maas is a memorable one! Especially the quotes on Heir of Fire! Old bloglovin follower!

  13. Very relevant indeed. I can't wait to get my hands on Queen of Shadows!

    Thanks for stopping by my post earlier :) following you back via GFC


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