8 September 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten *Completed* Series You Have Yet To Finish

Hello fellow earthlings! It is that day of the week again where we discuss our Top Ten Tuesdays *audience cheers*. Today is also the day that your favourite book bloggers start University… *audience boos*. Yes yes, it is a sad time of the year isn’t it? In saying this, we will do the best we can to have reviews for you guys. I know Kristen has reviews scheduled until December, so you’re guaranteed at least one a week. *audience cheers*. Yes yes that’s all fine and dandy, but let’s get to why we’re all here, shall we?

This week’s top ten Tuesday is brought to us yet again by TheBrokeAndTheBookish, and the topic is Top Ten Finished Series I Have YET to Finish *audience oohs, audience ahhs* Again, this is my personal list (it is I, Kayla), as I know Kristen and Kelsey would have a distinctly different list. Also, disclaimer, these are series that are FINISHED, in that all the books in the series are out, ready for the reading. If this list involved series in which we are still impatiently waiting for the publication of the next book(s), this list would be different. Let’s get started!

1. Shatter Me trilogy: Yes, yes I know. I hate myself for it too. Out of all the list, this is the one I am most upset about having yet to complete. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, Shatter Me, so I just have to take on Unravel Me, and Ignite Me. I will get to it I promise.

2. Penryn and the End of Days trilogy: While I read the first book and throughly enjoyed it AND I own the second book, I just haven’t had the inclination to start it. Don’t ask me why because I haven’t an inkling of a clue. THERE’S JUST SO MANY BOOKS YAKNOW?!

3. Legend trilogy: I remember flying through the first book, Legend, and I read it in one sitting. Immediately following it’s conclusion, I picked up Prodigy… and then put it down. And then picked it up… and then put it down. This cycle remained for about two months. I don’t know why but the connection I felt to the characters and the story dissipated. Again, I don’t know why this is. Because I own the third book as well, one day I will suck it up and finish the trilogy, just to say I’ve completed it.

4. Starbound companion novels: I don’t know if this counts as a series but I’m gonna make it count. I read the first one in the companion series, These Broken Stars, and honestly, I bought it because the cover is absolutely GORGEOUS, and the rating on goodreads was high enough for me to be convinced. While I did enjoy this book, it lacked a certain something for me. There is a slight possibility that one day I may pick up the other companion novels, but I don’t think it will be any time soon.

5. Anna and the French Kiss companion novels: Again, I don’t know if this counts as a series, but I am going to make it count. I only read Anna, and I did see the appeal and I understand why so many people love this series. And Etienne, damn. But again, something was missing. I did enjoy it, don’t get me wrong, and again there’s a slight chance I may pick up Lola and Isla in the future, but I don’t think that will be anytime soon. 

6. Fire and Thorns trilogy: Ah, this one. Well, I read the first book, slowly and painfully. There were aspects of the novel I did enjoy, such as the non-aesthetically beautiful female lead, as well as her development throughout the story, but that’s about it. I thought it was dry, the characters didn’t do much for me, and a very bad thing happened to the one character that I actually liked, therefore I have no desire to continue on the series. I did attempt to read the second one, but I just didn’t care anymore #oops

7. The Mortal Instruments: Now don’t hate me, okay? I just … well, okay maybe I’m being unfair. I probably am, ngl. But I read City of Bones, and thought it was pretty good, and when I continued onto City of Ash, I got about a quarter of the way through and had to DNF it. I just didn’t care. I didn’t care about the characters, I didn’t care about the story, I didn’t care. So I figured I wouldn’t waste my time on a story I didn’t care about. Makes sense, right? Now I know a tremendous amount of people have said that the books get a thousand times better the more they progress, and I promise I believe it, but I have absolutely no desire in confirming it for myself. I have debated on reading the Infernal Devices, and I'm still in that debate. We will see. Also sorry please don’t hate me.

8. Across the Universe trilogy: I think, I THINK, this was my first fantasy/sci-fi book I’ve read, and I did really enjoy it. While I unfortunately can’t remember everything that happened, I remember I really liked it. That being said, the reason I haven’t picked up the other books in the trilogy is simply because THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER BOOKS?! Like I do want to finish the trilogy, and maybe one day I will. Hopefully. Because I do want to know what happens.

9. The Fallen series: I picked up the first book on a whim, because I thought the cover was intriguing. And I read it, and I liked it. I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it. It was pretty good. I had all the intentions in the world to buy the rest of the series and continue on, but again, THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER BOOKS TO READ?! I don’t see myself picking up the rest of the books, but who knows? Maybe I can be swayed.

10. Vampire Academy: Oh my god. Oh. My. God. Okay. Again, I know this series is a lot of people’s favourites, and it gets better as the books progress, and blah blah blah. I borrowed this book from my friend on her recommendation, and at first I thought it was okay, but I found myself absolutely hating it. I thought the main character was annoying as hell, the storyline was cheap, and frankly, I just don’t like vampires. I find I steer far away from anything vampire related. I loathed the first book and maybe it does get better as the series goes on, I can’t vouch for that testament, but I sure as hell am not going to find out. Again, sorry.

And there we have it, the top ten series (completed) series I have yet to finish. Some of these series I hope to get around to, and some I’ve completely written off. What about you guys? What are your (completed) series that you have to finish? Make sure to leave us a comment so we can check out your list!

And with that, I bid you adieu,
Kayla @ one-chapter-ahead

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  1. Nice! I've read 1 & 3, I still need to read End of Days to complete that trilogy and hope to do that fairly soon! Read all the Vampire Academy books years ago! That was the series that brought me back to YA, so I pretty much read them all once they were new, right around book 4's release at least!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)


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